Thank You, God, For My Mother

Dear Heavenly Father, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for my mother.

For a mom who sacrificed many things, behind the scenes, unbeknownst to her children who never wanted for anything.

For a mom who leads by example and puts others before herself.

For a mom who forgives when others cause her pain.

For a mom who never let a birthday go by without a special cake for each of her four children.

For a mom who always made sure we were dressed to the nines, even if she made our outfits.

For a mom who made sure we had a family meal together every night.

For a mom who sat in the bleachers on cold nights cheering us on to victory and made us feel like winners even if we lost.

For blessing me with features similar to hers (so I didn’t get her cute feet but I scored with her eyes and lashes!)

For a mom that instilled a sense of nostalgia in me and made sure her children knew who her own mother was even though we never had the pleasure of knowing her.

For a mom that gave me an appreciation for the written thank-you note, a garden of flowers and well manicured hands.

For a mom that perseveres and handles set-backs with grace.

For a mom that prayed for her children to find their way back, instead of pushing them further away.

For a mom that quietly gives back to her community without needing or wanting recognition.

But most of all, dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with a mother who introduced me to You when I was old enough to talk. For without You, I’d be lost and certainly wouldn’t appreciate the mother you gave me.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

My mother in a a rather fitting tiara, on one of her “milestone” birthdays last year:

May 10, 2009 - 5:12 pm

Betsy - That is so sweet Heather. I hope my children will feel that way when they are grown (maybe after years of therapy -haha). Your Mom is so lucky to have wonderful daughters!

May 10, 2009 - 8:47 pm

Heather Thorne - Aww, Bets – I know they will. You’re an amazing mom! :)

May 11, 2009 - 10:16 am

Mary Beth - Well said….I might have a few tears in my eyes after reading that!!! You are too sweet!!

May 11, 2009 - 1:24 pm

Heather Thorne - aw, thanks Mary Beth!

May 11, 2009 - 1:37 pm

janet - Oh my word, heather. I can’t even imagine how much she adored this beautiful tribute. Breathtaking. You’re a wonderful daughter and clearly your mother is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

May 11, 2009 - 1:44 pm

Heather Thorne - thanks sweet Janet! yes, she cried when I read it at dinner last night. :)

May 17, 2009 - 9:56 pm

Scarlett Lillian - Awww, yay for Heather’s mom! And all moms! :-) Your momma is a cutey!

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