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Superior solutions that help you to shine

Heather Thorne has become well renowned for its excellency and professionalism in providing health care services. We use our skill and experience to help patients regain a sense of well-being.

Heart Diseases



Sports Injury

Our Expertise

Here are the areas we specialize in:

Immune system



Medical Service

Our medical service is undoubtedly top-notch. We are confident about our skills and abilities. Our patients rest assured knowing they are in safe hands.

Why Choose Us

You will find many compelling reasons to choose us.


Every patient is important to us in the same degree. We wish to create a safe space for our patients and we keep the families well informed as well. We are by the patient’s side throughout the process.

24×7 Support

We are always available to answer or resolve any issues or questions that you may have.


We take privacy of the patients and their families very seriously. Doctor-patient confidentiality is our important priority.

Best Equipment

We use only the very best, high-quality, modern-day equipment and we make sure that they are well maintained.

What People Say

“I trust Heather Thorne. I have found their services more than satisfactory. It helps me feel safer about my health and also about the health of my loved ones.”

Tod B. Johnston

Meet Our Team

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